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  • TIM is a standing frame – from prone to supine.

  • All functions of the TIM upright trainer are united in the central column – the adjustment options are clear and well-structured.

  • TIM enables a standing position of children and adolescents by individually combinable and adjustable body supports. In addition, a stepless adjustment of up to 30° prone and 15° supine is possible enabling changes between passive and active phases. The therapy tray remains at an angle for each setting.

  • A low standing height facilitates transfer procedures and above all allows the user to stand at eye level with other children and adolescents.

  • The pelvic frame is designed for optimal user positioning and offers a wide range of options for body support. By means of a hand crank, the pelvic frame can be moved in its position horizontally, which allows slow uprighting and stretching in the knee and pelvic area.
  • The torso, pelvis and knee positions can be continuously adjusted in only a few steps. This promotes torso stability and head control.

  • The robust footplate is particularly suitable for steering the forces affecting the body to generate a physiologically favourable load.

  • A divided footplate is also available for more complex requirements such as differences in leg length or foot deformities.

  • Knee support pads are designed to provide the largest possible support surface, therefore reducing pressure in any required knee joint position.

  • The therapy table is optionally available with a depression which is particularly useful for therapeutic or play purposes, and/or adjustable arm supports.

Size 1Size 2Size 3
Body size75 - 110 cm100 - 140 cm120 - 160 cm
Table height from footplate48,5 - 80,5 cm71 - 95 cm80 - 112 cm
Pelvic depth12 - 22 cm16 - 28 cm20 - 35 cm
Depth adjustment of the pelvic frame (via hand crank)6 cm6 cm6 cm
Total length84 cm90 cm100 cm
Total width57 cm65 cm71 cm
Aduction of divided footrests0° - 27°0° - 27°0° - 27°
Max. load40 kg60 kg80 kg
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