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  • MADITA-Fun mini has been developed for young or very small users.

  • It supports during the first phases of sitting and is therefore ideally suited for the initial supply.

  • MADITA-Fun mini provides security and offers functions such as simple height adjustability.

  • Thanks to the simple height adjustment, MADITA-Fun mini can be quickly adapted to different table heights. Thus, it can be lowered to the height of the floor for playing, but can also be placed at the nursery or kitchen table.

  • Accessories such as two different versions of head rests, dysplasia seat or a wooden therapy tray are optionally available for individual requirements.

MADITA-Fun mini
Seat depth12 - 19 cm
Seat width14 - 22 cm
Back height with short back28 - 33 cm
Back height with long back30 - 35 cm
Seat height25 - 62 cm
Lower leg length12 - 22 cm
Total width52 cm
Total length58 cm
Seat angle(-)5° - 37° / 0° - 42°
Back angle(-)5° - 25°
Max. load20 kg
Weight16 kg
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