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  • BASTI is a versatile bathing and shower cradle which provides safety and fun when bathing.

  • For optimum positioning of the user, the calf support, the back and the head rest are angle adjustable. With adjusting the head rest angle the head can be positioned perfectly for hair washing.

  • The seat depression option stabilises smaller children in a sitting position and provides the basis for upright sitting - the adjustable tube edge defines the seat surface and stabilises the seat.

  • For the sizes 1-3, the back angle can be adjusted during use. For this purpose, the loop must be operated with one hand at the back of the headrest and the other hand can secure the user. For size 4, the backrest angle adjustment takes place via two stainless steel grid joints.

  • Due to its high-quality construction, BASTI is also suitable for use in a sandpit or in the sea.

  • The low seat height means that little water is required when bathing.

  • With its horizontal adjustable lying surface, BASTI can also be used for therapy purposes.

  • Can also be used as a shower cradle with the shower subframe made of stainless steel.

  • The cover is easy to remove and can be washed at 30°C.
Size 1Size 2
Size 3Size 4
Seat width30 cm35 cm35 cm40 cm
Seat depth30 cm34 cm38 cm44 cm
Back height45 cm61 cm71 cm82 cm
Standing space length69 cm74 cm88 cm93 cm
Lower leg length19 cm20 cm28 cm28 cm
Back angle90° - 180°90° - 180°90° - 180°90° - 180°
Knee angle0° - 90°0° - 90°0° - 90°0° - 90°
Head support angle0° - 90°0° - 90°0° - 90°0° - 90°
Seat height0* / 5 cm0* / 5 cm0* / 5 cm0* / 5 cm
Max. load35 kg45 kg55 kg75 kg
Weight4 kg4,1 kg4,3 kg4,8 kg
* in combination with the cover with pelvic mould depression
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